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The written word is the tool that has proven to be my greatest weapon through three decades as a union activist fighting for workers’ rights and benefits at The New York Times. Authoring hundreds of freelance articles for the Paper of Record, including three A1 stories, helped develop me into a bad-ass ninja word smith that regularly defends underdogs and takes on corporate executives and attorneys.

My Community

  The positive feedback from satisfied clients has been so inspiring for me since decision-makers have often changed their positions regarding their issue(s) after receiving one of my hard-hitting letters. These positive results and comments have provided me with the motivation to continue fighting the good fight. It’s such an honor that so many of you have trusted me with providing you with advice and allowed me to answer your questions. What an amazing and fulfilling experience.

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  Use my communication and negotiating skills to improve your standing and respect in your life.

It’s time to take control of those controlling you!

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