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The written word is the tool that has proven to be Grant Glickson’s greatest weapon through three decades as a union activist fighting for workers’ rights and benefits. Authoring hundreds of articles for The New York Times has developed Grant into the kind of writer that can compose strong contract language, persuasive newsletters and communicate with staff efficiently.


Grant Glickson is a performance-driven professional with expertise in augmenting social media and online presence, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, conducting disciplinary hearings, submitting grievances, hosting virtual membership meetings, and acting as focal point of contact among executives, employees, clients, and other external partners.

Consistent, high-quality content writing improves audience engagement and retention. For this reason, Grant writes clear, creative, and attractive newsletters while conducting thorough research on industry-related topics, generating ideas for new content types, and proofreading articles before publication. His newsletters are more informative and carry information on daily progress.

HR consultants are professionals tasked with solving and meeting human resources-related needs and providing high-level solutions and recommendations to management teams. Therefore, Grant manages labor grievances as needed by investigating circumstances of incident, validity of claims, adherence to contract policies, and completion of resolution procedures. Moreover, he coordinates with HR and other departments to create and sustain positive employee relations and facilitate effective communications between employees and management.

As an inspiring executive director of a union, Grant works together with management to grow business, increase profit levels, raise productivity, save, and create jobs, improve wages and benefits, and reach other jointly defined goals.

Throughout his career, Grant has authored scores of freelance articles published in The New York Times. His writing skills can help clients enhance their relationships with their life partners, kids, family members, and friends. He can help you stand up to ex-spouses that do not do enough to support you with the children.

When considering his educational background, Grant has completed his bachelor’s degree in journalism from School of Visual Arts, and gained insights into several fields, including the history and ethics of journalism and the techniques to produce digital, broadcast, and print content.

During his professional history, he has gained various personality traits, and has become an “out of the box thinker” with a “can-do” attitude who can put pieces together, work independently, and find quick and effective solutions to different problems.

If you are in need of such professional services, then please contact him. Grant will surely be of service to you.

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Authoring hundreds of freelance articles for the Paper of Record, including three A1 stories, helped develop Grant into a major force who regularly defends underdogs and takes on corporate executives and attorneys.

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