Grant, a longtime Guild leader from a family steeped in labor union values, was elected president of The NewsGuild of New York in November 2016 and took office on Jan. 2, 2017. As President of the NewsGuild Grant Glickson has had one goal: make the NewsGuild stronger by investing in you, the members. Under Grant’s leadership, the NewsGuild of New York has :

  • Grown from 21 shops to 35 shops
  • Increased in staff to help support a growing union, including a Communications Director, an Organizer, and two Local Representatives
  • Hosted over 50 professional workshops, networking events, and educational panels
  • Launched a brand new website with a members portal that allows you to easily access your contract, read unit-specific news and events

and so much more.

For the previous seven years, Grant chaired the Guild unit at The New York Times, where the local represents more than 1,100 employees. He held a variety of jobs at the paper since 1987, including paginating the real estate and Sunday business sections.

He became a Guild shop steward in The Times’ sports department in 1993, beginning his transition from active member to union leadership. He twice served three-year terms as grievance chair.

In 2000, he took a year’s leave of absence from The Times to work for the Guild as a local representative. He returned to the paper and continued his activism, including a second term handling grievances, before being elected unit chair in late 2009.

He has served on the local’s Executive Committee for 12 years, the last six as second vice president. He has also served on the administrative and finance committees.

Grant grew up in a Long Island household that understood the value of unions and cared deeply about workers’ rights. His father, Larry Glickson, is a consultant for Social Service Employees Union Local 371, and his sister is a business agent for District Council 37, which represents New York City public employees.