Do yourself, your colleagues, and The New York Times a favor. Go to the minor trouble of voting in the Guild election that’s coming up. Vote to make Grant Glickson the president of the NewsGuild. Young or old, veteran or newcomer, we all need to pay attention now to a part of our work life that many of us never give more than a few minutes of thought.

For most of my 19 years at The Times, I haven’t paid much attention to the Guild or its leadership.

There was always a story to report, a deadline to meet, family needs to look after, life to lead.
Someone else was going to do the union stuff, whatever that stuff was.
No more excuses. We work in revolutionary days. It would be reckless to go through the cycles of change without a strong compact between us and management, and an effective way to enforce that compact.  There is only one plausible mechanism. That is the Guild.
The Times is at its greatest strength ever, thanks to a booming economy and the work we all do 24×7 to create a superb report.

When an economic downturn comes, some of us will be at risk. It might be newcomers or old-timers, or probably both.  Get ready before that time comes.

Grant Glickson worked for many years at The Times and knows first hand how the tumult of the digital transition has meant to outstanding people all over the company.  Why? Because he’s the guy who was doing that union stuff that I, and maybe you, paid no attention to. He fought to protect people from unfair punishments, to make sure that they were paid when the company did layoffs, and to help organize us for the last contract negotiations.  He did that as the chair of the Times unit.
Now he is running for a second term as president of the NewsGuild of New York. He and his team have grown the union, against the odds, at other publications. And he has been a strong advocate for our interests.

I care about my job, my co-workers and The Times. So I’m voting for Grant Glickson. He knows our business, and he knows our people. This is an election none of us can afford to ignore.       
Reporter & Columnist – The New York Times | Author/Co-Author of six non-fiction books
I’ve been on the Executive Committee through four NY Guild presidents, and Grant has turned out to be something completely different. I didn’t support Grant when he ran for election and voted for his opponent. But over time I’ve seen the changes Grant has made, and appreciate how much our local has grown. It’s thrilling going to meetings now and seeing so many new faces, with so many questions. I had really grown complacent over the years, and now although the Guild may not run as smoothly as it did for years, there’s a new vitality and openness that gives me hope that the Guild, and the union movement, will continue to get stronger.
Foreign Policy Association
We are lucky to work at a great newspaper that is committed every day to great journalism. And we’re lucky to belong to a revived and energetic union that honors that mission without losing sight of its  responsibility to look out for our health and welfare, even if that means knocking heads occasionally with management.

We all contribute to our union’s strength through collective effort. But Grant Glickson, our local President, is a mainstay, an intelligent and energetic man who has played a central role in reviving and refurbishing our union. Thanks to Grant and to the colleagues he has gathered around him, we are organizing new shops, and bringing in new members in growing numbers, no small feat in such rough times for labor. And he’s done this by decoding what is new and different about this age and its challenges. 

I’ve worked with Grant and seen the thought and effort he puts into his job. Thanks in no small part to his work, we’ve saved our pension and our severance, and expanded other benefits. I unequivocally and happily endorse him for another term as president of his local. Don’t take him for granted; vote for him. We’re stronger for his leadership.
Sports Columnist – The New York Times
Committed. Tireless. Knowledgeable. These are traits I associate with Grant Glickson, our local President, who I have gotten to know over the past 10 years.

He has worked to preserve our health benefits and helped find a way to create a new defined benefit pension when our company wanted none. He has gone to bat against management on any number of issues large and small, and done so without fanfare or fuss. 

Far more than his predecessors, Grant has also worked hard to grow our union by organizing new shops and bringing in new members, no easy job in this economic environment.

Vote for Grant. He is 100 percent committed to the union, protecting our jobs and expanding our benefits. 
The New York Times
Grant Glickson fights tirelessly for all New York Times workers, regardless of their stature. If you’re an underpaid clerk, he’ll negotiate to get you more pay. If you’re an overworked star reporter, he’ll get you that comp time. It is a rare attribute in this age of the disposable employee.

 Grant’s passion for workers’ rights is infectious; just look at how the union has grown under his leadership. Since 2017, when he took over as president of the NewsGuild, it has grown by 1,000 members and inspired other high-profile media companies like BuzzFeed and New York Magazine to organize. Grant has my vote for president.  
Senior Editor – The New York Times
I have been a union member for more than 20 years in my 30-year career, working with various representatives and leaders. Some I’ve dealt with from time to time, and some I never even knew existed. Over the past seven years I’ve been working with a leader who not only do I know but have a relationship with. A President who has taken the time to respond to every call or email. Who seeks answers to questions that his members have. Who leads in the trenches and not from far away.

That person is Grant Glickson. Grant has proven time and time again through his commitment and sacrifice that he truly cares about those whom he has been charged to lead. I’ve witnessed the sacrifices he has made to see to it that we as members are being treated fairly. And when times change, he always works hard to find a solution. He is also a motivator, getting others involved in labor activity, which has made our local stronger. These are core principles and values are ingrained in his personality. This is why I am endorsing Grant Glickson for reelection as president of our local. His decades of experience and knowledge in the area of labor relations combined with his passion for advocacy makes him more than qualified to address the challenges and changes facing our industry. He has proven this time and time again during some of the toughest moments. Under his leadership our local membership has not only grown larger but has also grown stronger.

I know that with Grant as our leader he will continue to fight for our members and their families to insure we have fair contracts, good working conditions and a united Guild. 
Unit Chair – The New York Times
In the last few years before I left my position on the executive committee, Grant Glickson was elected as president and has done, in my opinion, an extraordinary job. Whether it was from listening to me as a unit chair of the New York Amsterdam News and my concerns as unit chair with Management at our office to dealing with issues related to my members, he has been Instrumental in helping my members keep their jobs.

I’ve known Grant for over 10 years and I consider him a good friend. I have gone through several storms with Grant literally and figuratively. There has never been a time since he has become president that I could not call him directly with any issue. Since I have left my position almost 2 years ago, I have kept in touch with him and have watched the work he has been doing as president with great admiration. It is with that and many other reasons that I wholeheartedly endorse Grant Glickson for president of the NewsGuild of New York.
Former Unit Chair – The Amsterdam News
Grant Glickson is spearheading a breathtaking new era of growth in the NewsGuild. He took the helm after decades of discouraging retrenchment in a disrupted and often shrinking print news media environment.

Now the Guild is giving more workers a union voice, at a broad array of old and new media. The union has organized new units a prestigious established publications like New York magazine and The New Yorker, as well as new digital outlets like BuzzFeed News and Mashable, and specialized units like Law360 and the Roosevelt Institute – to name just a few. I’ve known Grant for many years.

I couldn’t be prouder of how the Guild is flourishing under his leadership and benefiting ever more members.   
The New York Times
Through every role he has held with the NewsGuild of New York — grievance chair and unit chair at The New York Times, local rep and currently president of the local — Grant Glickson has shown unmatched energy, determination and fairness, creating an atmosphere that failed to exist in my early years as a Guild member. His dogged efforts on behalf of Guild members inspired me to be more active in union activities, as they have done for countless others who previously were disinterested or frustrated with the Guild.

 Grant’s work was not in response to the recent labor revival across the country; it was an integral part of that revival. As a volunteer with the Times unit and as the third vice president on the Local’s executive board, I’ve seen Grant grow and thrive at the negotiating table, I’ve watched him collaborate with others who held different opinions to try to build a consensus, I’ve seen him push others to be their very best, and I’ve seen the Guild fight for the rights of all — whether they be from large, well-known organizations or shops with just a handful of members.

And that is why I am so excited to be running for the position of Local Chair and looking forward to fighting shoulder-to-shoulder alongside Grant to protect our current members and continue to grow our union. 
Senior Editor – The New York Times
Having worked side by side with Grant for nearly eight years gave me an up-close view of how he’s able to accomplish all that he does for Guild members: he listens; he’s never too busy to help; he’s absolutely dedicated; he’s tireless; and when necessary, he’s not afraid to fight for what’s just and right. Grant’s track record as local president is proof positive of his abilities — at a time of extraordinary industry upheaval, he and his team have been able to bring in new shops with hundreds of new members, and he has stood up to management to reach contract agreements that have won the overwhelming support of unit rank and file. He fully deserves another term as local president.
Former Grievance Chair and Copy Editor at the New York Times
I supported Grant Glickson when he first ran to be president of the NewsGuild local in New York. I knew him as the capable, conscientious, and progressive chair of my unit council at The New York Times. His conduct in handling our workplace issues, including difficult contract negotiations, at The Times gave me confidence that he would provide the sort of leadership the New York local needed more generally.

As president of the NewsGuild of New York, Grant Glickson has so far surpassed those expectations. Under his presidency, the local has been re-energized. The union has increased its membership by more than 40 percent, notably by opening new units in the crucial digital media outlets that had previously lacked organization, but also by establishing units at some storied brands like The New Yorker, New York magazine, and the New Republic, which had long been anti-union holdouts. These are huge achievements.

Under Grant, the NewsGuild has also hired new staff to serve these new members, as well as improving the union’s services to longstanding shops. That is Grant’s way: to build the union from the bottom up, and never lose sight of the fact that it’s as strong and effective as the engagement of its grassroots members makes it. I wholeheartedly support Grant Glickson’s re-election as president: his track record shows he will take the NewsGuild of New York from strength to strength

Former Grievance Committee Member and Copy Editor at the New York Times
This in strong support of the re-election of Grant  Glickson as President of The Guild.

His commitment to growing The Guild has proven successful beyond previous Guild management who let membership and revenue remain stagnant and eventually decrease due to valued talent leaving for our competitors, layoffs, forced resignations from decreases in budget and sub-par management. 
He secured and managed an excellent recruiting committee who, under his supervision increased Guild membership, totaling over 1200 new members.

Yes, funds were spent , but wisely so in order to grow Guild membership. This has increased revenue and brought in high-profile companies so that the Guild will be larger, stronger and more powerful than ever before. 

It is with pleasure to recommend Grant for re-election. He has continued to be the heart and soul of the Times Guild. He has been available in person and by personal cell practically 24/7.  

He has continued to be conscientious, determined, fearless and invaluable to both Business and Editorial side.  It is a no-brainer that he should be remain as NewsGuild president.
Account Lead- Advertising
The New York Times
Informed, proactive and relentless would be the words used to describe what Grant Glickson brings to the position of president of the NewsGuild of New York. He has worked non-stop to make sure workers get equal pay for equal work. He has fought hard to make sure buyout packages were not watered down. He understands the needs of the evolving journalism workforce. He understands the need to make the union more inclusive to those who don’t necessarily feel they belong in the journalist crowd.

He is a man we can trust to represent our interests because these are his interests also

The New York Times
As a reporter in my 34th year at The New York Times, I have yet to meet  a single person in this business who can match the integrity, enthusiasm, dependability and loyalty of Grant Glickson, a colleague and dear friend who has completely transformed the NewsGuild to unprecedented heights. Through his savvy leadership and keen vision, our union has grown to 3,400 members from 2,400 when Grant first took office as Guild President, and  we are still growing. Grant has invested money, time and a wealth of his vast experience in the Guild and as a result, it is stronger than it has ever been. It is critical we have a leader who understands the ever-changing media landscape while staying true to our core values – protecting journalism.

During my tenure as Secretary-Treasurer, I’ve watched in awe as Grant ‘s tireless efforts to  make our union a proud model of success has produced countless professional development workshops, transformed mild-mannered rank and file folks into aggressive and  skilled organizers, and increased his extraordinarily talented staff. Grant has also invested wisely in a new website that has helped give  our union a robust social media presence and has implemented many other initiatives to bring the NewsGuild into the 21st century. I can’t wait to see what else Grant will accomplish when he is reelected. From the largest shops to the smallest, local papers,  Grant treats every member’s issues as his top priority. Let’s vote for leadership that puts the members first – vote Grant Glickson for NewsGuild President.
In Unity
Secretary Treasurer
Grant has deftly led our Guild through a period of rapid growth and transformation, and his vision for our future is exciting. He has a bone-deep commitment to workers’ rights and has worked tirelessly representing and fighting for our membership. 
The New York Times
Grant Glickson is up for re-election and he clearly deserves another term. Since his first inaugural, Grant has grown the News Guild of New York exponentially through organizing, mobilization and tough collective bargaining.  

Grant’s clear vision and progressive ideas have strengthened the union locally and nationally at a time when unions face strong resistance from greedy companies all to willing to squeeze workers for less compensation.

Grant initiated education and job training programs at the News Guild to help those seeking career advancement or wanting to learn new skills useful elsewhere in the media industry.  Additionally, these programs have benefitted those who have endured layoffs and are hoping to become more marketable.

Grant has also increased the staff at the News Guild, adding more local representatives to better serve members. He has hired experienced personnel for organizing, mobilizing and modernizing News Guild operations. Better training of new Guild officers, activists and shop stewards is another Grant hallmark.

Grant instills pride and collegiality in his members. He  provides opportunities for them to meet socially and exchange ideas with other members of the News Guild. 

Grant strongly believes in equality for all workers. He has dedicated much of his time to civil rights and social causes.

Combined with a lifetime of experience in union matters, and a likable, approachable personality, Grant Glickson is the best and only choice to lead the News Guild of N. Y. in this challenging period for workers and unions.
Former Local Chairperson, Newspaper Guild of New York
Grant Glickson is running for re-election as president of the News Guild of New York. I support his candidacy. 
I do so because I know that when no one else was pushing back against management at the New York Times over its anti union, anti seniority, anti staffing moves and contract negotiations in the past decade, Grant, as head of the Guild’s Times chapter,  was.
I do so because I know that during his term as president of the News Guild of New York, the Union has seen a strong surge in organizing a range of shops in traditional and new media – this as union membership is shrinking elsewhere.

I do so because I know that even when things get tougher – as they surely will – Grant will have the commitment, experience and resources to defend the rights of Guild members.
25-year member of the News Guild of New York
Former member, executive council, News Guild of New York
Since I became a member of The New York Times Guild in 2007, I have watched Grant, then unit chair, work stridently to protect and advance the interests of his members. As I became more involved in Guild operations, serving on committees and councils, Grant fiercely led movements to extend the benefits of Guild membership to more employees and mitigate the impact to existing members of the near-constant churn of newsroom restructuring. He steered the growth of existing units to not only include workers assigned to an evolving array of digital media platforms but to enfranchise them, encouraging their participation and ideas. He made sure the Guild was a place that could adapt to cultural shifts nimbly, regularly outpacing employers’ inclusion efforts.

In addition to overseeing the organizing of new units in his local, Grant has been instrumental in facilitating a national wave of new organizing in both traditional and new media. He has served as an invaluable resource to myself and other members and organizers of my generation, offering candor and advice developed over decades of experience that span both hard times and the golden age of journalism.

I am forever indebted to Grant for his commitment to his members and the mission of the Guild, and I am confident he will continue to lead in its progress.
Former New York Times Member
In my 23 years as a Guild member, I have often had “issues” with the Newspaper Guild, including trust issues. I know many other members who have had similar dissatisfaction. 

Hey, I’m a reporter like many of you, I see things, and I tell it like it is. And what follows is not B.S.

Then a guy named Grant Glickson came along, and I realized my problem was with the arrogant, self-serving, secretive PREVIOUS leadership machine. 

To my surprise, Grant Glickson was and is none of those things, which is why I was honored to serve as his 1st VP and represent the Consumer Reports shop 2016-2018. 

And it’s why I wholeheartedly endorse Grant Glickson for re-election.

Call this hokey, if you want, but it’s absolutely true: Grant converted me from a frustrated union cynic into a dedicated Union Man. Here’s just some of why, because of what I have seen him do. Grant is the force leading our great organizers to expand Newsguild membership—which bucks the long declining trend of unionism. From what I can tell, Grant doesn’t micro-manage, he empowers the organizers to do what they do best.

When Grant and his top-gun organizers do that, ALL Guild members gain strength in numbers and bargaining power. A growing union sends powerful word to even the most anti-worker managements that we are on the rise and on the march! 

Grant has vastly improved Guild-to-Member communication and relations with staff training, resources to bring the website into the 21st Century, his championship for transparency, media mixers, and outings to Mets games. Grant is a regular guy who showed us that a union can be FUN while also getting down to business.

I’ve seen him in action being responsive to member needs and giving positive feedback, encouragement, and support to members in need, whether because of a shop problem or personal tragedy.

Grant is a straight shooter but has the tact, patience, and humility necessary for this job—despite the childish sour-grapes sniping he gets from opponents who would rather divide than unify the Guild. (Sorry, I’m a straight shooter, too.)

He also has the firm resolve of a doer and a fighter for Guild members. He’s NOT an elitist, Grant is one of us. The overall result is a bigger, better, stronger union from more active, open, and responsive Guild leadership. 

Why would anyone vote to un-do such success?

I’m no longer with Consumer Reports or in the Guild, but I still stand 100% WITH the Guild in spirit and cause.

And whether I’m in the union or out, I’m Stickin’ With Glickson!
Senior Writer, Consumers’ Checkbook
When Grant Glickson was chairman of the 1,100-member Times unit of the NewsGuild, he listened to the concerns of journalists, and dealt firsthand with the employment crises we faced. He galvanized longtime bystanders like me into union activity by demonstrating an ability to tack strategically when necessary, while focusing and holding firm on overarching issues: job classification, the dual-contract system, severance packages, and layoff seniority. As president of the NewsGuild of New York, I believe he has given The Times a presence in the local that is commensurate with our importance. As a lifelong Timesman (though no longer an active Guild member), I hope that level of representation will endure under his continued leadership.

Retired New York Times Reporter